Consignor login

Your User ID and password will be emailed to you. Here's the link to login & check your account

Dashboard view shows you your total balance available. On the upper right, you'll see a Location drop down menu where you can toggle back and forth between our two stores to check your balance from both. Even if you dropped off at one location, we may have started or moved your item(s) to the other store.
Items view shows all of your items consigned. Depending on which store you're currently viewing, your items will show up as Active, Sold or TRANS (which means they've been transferred to the other store). You can use the Location drop down menu on the upper right to see those items. 
Selecting the date range YTD (Year to Date), will give the most complete view of your consigned items. 
To request a payout - Click here! Or, you can call, email or stop by the shop.