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Bar & Cocoa Chocolate

Bar & Cocoa Chocolate - Theo & Philo Milk Chocolate w/ Barako Coffee

Bar & Cocoa Chocolate - Theo & Philo Milk Chocolate w/ Barako Coffee

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If chocolate is pleasure then coffee is business. But who says you can’t mix both? Experience high quality chocolate with a pinch of roast coffee beans to perk you up and make you jump for joy. Or maybe just reach for another bar.

*Kapeng Barako is a varietal coffee of Liberica that is grown in the Philippines, mostly in Batangas and Cavite. Barako literally translates to “a male stud of an animal”, associated to images of a tough and masculine figure. As such, it is often roasted strongly and served dark.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cacao Beans, Cocoa Butter, Milk Powder, Coffee Beans

Theo & Philo is a chocolate maker based in the Philippines. Theo and Philo prides on using local ingredients. It all started from Philo’s love of baking, and desire to use chocolate. He would always scour for special and different types of chocolate. Growing up in the Philippines, he was surprised no one was making bean to bar chocolate, after he first encounter with single estate chocolate. Cacao is grown in the Philippines but it was mostly used to make hot chocolate and exported.

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